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M224, 60mm Mortar 60mm Lightweight Mortar - United States

The M224 is the current portable mortar system in service with the United States Army and Marine Corps. The system provides a high-angle attack weapon that can be used in close proximity to friendly troops.

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Even before their large-scale use in World War 1 and World War 2, the mortar held a history dating as far back as the 18th Century. Mortars were designed as 'indirect fire' weapons intended to lob projectiles against enemy positions that were protected by walls or natural coverage.

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The U.S. M2 60 mm mortar was developed from the heavier 81 mm M1 Mortar to provide a lighter-weight alternative to company-level fire support. The M2 attempted to bridge the gap between the 81 mm mortar and the hand grenade. Normally employed by the weapons platoon of a U.S. infantry company, the M2 is of the usual mortar pattern of the day.

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The 60MM Mortar High Explosive/Point Detonating (HE/PD) cartridges are designed for use with the M224 Lightweight Company Mortar System (LWCMS) in all light infantry battalions including Airborne, Air Assault and Ranger. It will use the new M783 dual safety, point detonating/delay fuze.

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12/5/2017 · Set up and Firing the M2 60mm Mortar with TRUMP ammunition Video demonstration on the set-up and firing of the M2 60mm mortar, utilizing the 60mm Training Re …

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The list of infantry mortars catalogues weapons which are issued to infantry units to provide close range, rapid response, indirect fire capability of an infantry unit in tactical combat. In this sense the mortar has been called "infantryman's artillery", and represents a flexible logistic solution [clarification needed] to satisfying unexpected need for delivery of firepower, particularly for ...

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8/21/2013 · Panjwai District, Kandahar, Afghanistan - After Taliban fighters fire on a U.S. Army patrol, a mortar team begins dropping 60mm mortars on the wood line where the fighters were spotted.

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"The M224 is a 60mm caliber lightweight mortar with a finned barrel, sight, M7 base plate, and a bipod. It was built to handle HE bombs." Locations Edit. Random sectors/enemies. A mortar and several shells can be found in a few of the factory buildings in Grumm …

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4/1/2019 · Though both mortar and concrete are widely used building materials, they … Jul 16, 2015 … basically concrete is stronger and more durable so it can be used for structural projects such as setting posts whereas mortar is used as a … The M224 60mm mortar is a muzzle-loaded, smooth-bore, high-angle-of-fire weapon.