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Other xeriscape ideas include creating irrigation zones, which hinges on grouping plants by water needs. This xeriscape design principle is a garden practice that actually just makes sense—and also promotes a healthier garden. To create irrigation zones, you have to plan your landscape, which is another core principle of xeriscape design.

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This means choosing a variety of native plants, as well as other well-adapted species. However, though xeriscaping is about low-water landscaping, people who are interested in this style of landscaping often look at other ways of having a smaller footprint on the planet. A number of …

Desert, Xeriscape and Rock Gardens | DIY has ideas for adding color and personality to a dry landscape.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Xeriscape Landscaping Design

The Beginner’s Guide to Xeriscape Landscaping Design. ... Xeriscape landscape design typically starts with the removal of grass lawns and replacing with sand, stones, mulch, and drought-friendly vegetation. There are plenty of DIY backyard xeriscape design ideas to draw inspiration from.

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1/22/2008 · Xeriscaping is a form of gardening that focuses on plants and gardening practices that can be maintained with low water levels. The term was coined by the Denver Water Department in 1978, from the Greek word for "dry," and xeriscaping has been promoted increasingly since then wherever water is a limited resource. While it has a reputation for "cacti and rocks" among gardeners who have not ...

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Pronounced as if it began with the letter z, the use of "xeriscaping" originated with the Denver Colorado Water Department in 1981. A compound of the Greek xeros, dry, and "-scape," as in landscape, "xeriscape" landscaping essentially refers to a creating a landscape design that has been carefully tailored to withstand drought conditions.

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When creating a drought tolerant garden, one of the more difficult soil types to come up with xeriscaping ideas for is clay soil. While drought tolerant perennials may be fine with a lack of water, when clay soil gets wet, the plants may also have to deal with too much water, as clay soil has poor ...

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20 More Great Xeriscape Plants for Colorado | Lot Lines - […] wanted to revisit Matt’s post on the 20 Best Xeriscape Plants for Colorado, and add to his list of… Colorado Xeriscape for Home Owners - SE Denver Homes - […] yarrow help to take up a large area of the yard, while surviving on …