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sulphur asphalt mix

An Alternative Asphalt Binder, Sulfur-Extended Asphalt (SEA)

Sulfur-extended asphalt has been used in dense-graded mixtures with sulfur/asphalt binder mass ratios from 20/80 to 40/60, and at times even up to 50/50 (3). The emulsified portion of sulfur performs as an asphalt extender while any excess sulfur performs as a mix filler or stabilizer.


SULFUR EXTENDED ASPHALT AS A MAJOR OUTLET FOR SULFUR. THAT OUTPERFORMED OTHER ASPHALT MIXES IN THE GULF. Mohammed Al-Mehthel1, Hamad I. Al-Abdul Wahhab2, Saleh H. Al-Idi1 , and Mirza Ghouse Baig 2 , 1: Engineering Consultant , and Principal Professional, respectively, Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco.

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The addition of molten sulfur to hot-mix asphalt paving materials increases mix workability so that the mixes may be placed without roller densification. As the mix cools, the sulfur solidifies and imparts such a high degree of mechanical stability to the mix that high quality mixes may be produced from poorly graded aggregates and even onesized sands.

Rock Binders: Sulfur Extended Asphalt Modifier

Sulfur Extended Asphalt Modifier. A typical hot mix application would introduce SEAM in the drum RAP collar and/or bag house intro point, or into an after-mixer unit. In a batch plant operation, SEAM would be added at the pug mill. Read more information on hot plant requirements.

Field Evaluation of Sulfur-Extended Asphalt Pavements

The term "sulfur-extended asphalt" (SEA), applied to a paving binder, paving mixture, or pavement, denotes the replacement of a significant portion of the conventionally used asphalt with elemental sulfur. Typically, 20 to 40 percent by weight of the asphalt is replaced with sulfur. The initial development of SEA technology was carried out

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Under the baseline scenario, sulphur used in the project to produce hot mix asphalt is a byproduct of other industrial processes and is not produced for use as an extender or modifier in the paving process.

Thiopave - Sulphur Enhancement for Asphalt Mixtures

Shell Sulphur Solutions Thiopave® - Sulphur Enhancement for Asphalt Mixtures W. Allen Palmer, P.E. NC Region Marketing Manager Shell Sulphur Solutions Tulsa, OK DELIVERING INNOVATION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE

Thiopave Warm Mix Asphalt

– Energy crisis/ oil embargo disrupted asphalt binder (bitumen) supplies – Sulphur offered a practical means of extending the supply of bitumen • Sulphur was incorporated directly into the bitumen • Used mostly with conventional, dense-graded mixes. Other mixture types included: – “Sand-asphalt-sulfur” patching mixtures and bases – OGFC

Tianjin SEAM Paving Project: sulphur-asphalt pavements

Rock Binders Laboratory Procedure Safety Contact: Tianjin SEAM Paving Project. H 2 S MEASUREMENTS ON AUGUST 28 AND 31, 2002. Background. Sulphur-asphalt paving mixes using SEAM are prepared usually by adding between 2.5 and 3.0% SEAM to a conventional asphalt hot-mix.

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batch-type hot mix plant. The second project, completed in 1980 on Loop 495 at Nacogdoches (Demonstration Project 54), used liquid sulphur piped directly into the drum of a drum dryer plant and allowed the turbulent action of the drum to blend the sulphur and asphalt in a 35/65 (wt) ratio.